Blood debt

Return to Nance

Pre-Session 1

After years abroad in obscurity, Braska and Auron have returned to their hometown of Nance in an attempt to track down the creature that destroyed their lives and killed their friends and family.

After 10 years, the trail has grown cold and they hope to find new information with Braska’s religious training. Still, the small city has changed since they were last here. With the death of Lord and Lady Etier there was a power vacuum that several groups attempted to fill. Underhanded traders, thieves, and assassins used the anarchy to promote Nance as a veritable haven for unlawfl activity. Eventually Jackson Argyl, the head of the City Watch, solidified the armed members of the Watch into a cohesive force once again. The leader of the Thieves’ Guild (believed to be Marion Trent) offered his associates’ assistance if Jackson would give the Guild immunity. Still, Minor nobles and powerful merchants fought to claim dominance. It was years before the last of them was arrested or driven away, and many of the more upstanding and wealthy citizens had already fled.

At their arrival, the two find Nance in an uneasy truce. Jackson is the near tyranical leader of the town, and the only ones to escape his iron fist are members of the thieves guild. The commoners are trapped between the uncaring Jackson andhis seemily bottomless taxation and groups of thieves and cutpurses who are allowed to function with impunity.

After speaking with several of the locals, Baska and Auron decided that Jackson needed to be replaced eventually. There were more pressing matters; in particular the imminent execution of a halfling thief and the exploration of Etier Keep. The Keep has been abandoned and left to ruin until recently, and there appears to be some form of activity. The Watch is adament about preventing people from visiting, but only occasional academics even try because it is ‘haunted.’

Teaming up with a wizard named Jerome Flitwheel, they managed to frame Marion and made it appear that he was in exceedingly scandalous contact with Jackson’s daughter (who had been sent away solely to prevent such activity)and was cheating the guardsman at his gambling house. Marion is now incarcerated in the same basement as the halfling,and the unsteady peace in Nance appears to be broken…



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