Blood debt

Second Session: Completion

In which a vampire is vanquished and some interesting items are happened upon

After the kobold’s death, the party quickly began exploring the remainder of the damaged keep. As they approached a fork in the halls, they heard the clammering of worried kobolds and the snap of a neck followed by a chill voice giving commands.

Ready for combat, they marched down the hallway to discover a pale, long-toothed man surrounded with small kobolds. As they launched their assault on the vampire, he called up a great cloud of ice and frost. The battle was long, and though every minion they slew seemed to return as an undead scourge they had little difficulty in pinning down the vampire and wearing him down. As he crumbled away to dust, the adventurers looked at one another: worn but victorious.

With thier enemies gone, they began meticulously exploring the keep.

Within a tightly bound crate they discovered Braska’s father’s sword, an exceptional piece of metallurgy with golden embellishments, and a pale white arm with no signs of decay but a strange symbol emblazed upon the back.

Moving back to examine the master chambers and study, they found the decapitated skeleton of Brazen Ettier still bearing the family signet ring on his right hand. Though highly tempted since magic rings are such rare affairs, Jerome agreed to allow Braska to keep it on the condition that they would assist him without question in obtaining an object he has been searching for. Removing the ring, Braska and Auron set about burying the body and granting him peace while Jerome began tearing through the library.



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