Blood debt

Second Session: Intersession

Decisions about what to do

As Braska and Auron lay his father to rest and Jerome and Milo scour the keep for information, useful items, and (of course) books.

Even as they work, they wonder what their next step will be. (Some of this stuff you haven’t found, and we’ll go over all of it at the next session as we wrap up. This is mainly so I can prep and actually be ready to go when we meet next.)

Potential Leads: - The sword the vampire was wielding bears a symbol on it. It appears to be the crest of a noble family, the Banath who rule over Kharak-Bator to the East.

-The arm and the symbol. Jerome believes one of his teachers at the Silver Hand Academy may know something of it, though he is uncertain he will be welcome.

-There was talk of a Green Dragon by the kobold, and a river. Perhaps hunting down this dragon will yield the whereabouts of the vampire, if you’re able to brave one of Tiamat’s brood.

(You can also stay in Nance and try to retake it, but please let me know which of these you’d like to pursue next as there is some serious set-up involved.)

Decision: Once the adventurers conclude any business in Nance they will head east to the High Road and Kharak-Bator to determine the origin of the sword borne by the vampire slain in Keep Ettier.



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