Blood debt

Sessions 3 and 4

Stopping the war in Nance

After returning victorious from the Keep, Braska and Auron suddenly realized that with the recent destablization of the guild war in Nance leaving would inevitably fall into chaos.

Determined to stop the violence before they leave they instigated a rather intricate plan to eliminate the thieves guild. Then to kill Jackson. Then to kill Bret and Jackson.

Eventually they determined that getting to Jackson was likely beyond them, and decided to ambush the Thieves Guild within their hideout using Albert and the city watch. The planning went rather well, despite Gregory Tetch seeing through the lies and using it to eliminate his competition within the guild.

After a vicious fight in which Jerome was nearly strangled by Brent before the thug was beheaded by Auron, the threat of imminent war was avoided. Tetch seems to understand that the PCs intend to eventually depose Jackson and ma even have taken their attempted treachery as a gesture of friendship. What that says about the character of such a man is debateable.

The next morning they recieved a sizable bounty and used it to outfit themselves for the journey ahead (After offering Jerome a somewhat increased portion for his abused throat). With the waybread provided by the elven druid Natenal (whom everyone simply called Nathaniel) they needed little food, but horses would greatly speed their journey and they decided to… ah, invest.

Braska chose a tough young gelding with intractable endurance, who has yet to be named. It’s brown. He also purchased a spotted shetland pony for Milo. The halfling seemed somewhat annoyed with how cutesy the animal is, but will likely be thankful for the ride. Auron got somewhat enamorred of a pricey chestnut mare named Epiphany. She only cost about twice what the others did.



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