Jerome Flitwheel

A well dressed and rather smooth young man, he hides his arcane proficiency from almost everyone.


With a well groomed mustache and custom tailored clothing, Jerome appears to be a cultured and affluent young nobleman or wealthy trader.

But if there’s anything certain about Jerome it’s that nothing is what it seems.

A skilled illusionist, Jerome uses his easy smile and quick wit to con locals out of enough money to fuel his lifestyle. If his luck is helped along every now and again with a bit of arcane trickery no one is the wiser.

While he is somewhat of a mystery thus far, it is clear he has a love of books and tomes that is far deeper than mosts’ interests in such things.

Of significant assistance while clearing the Keep, Jerome has allowed Braska to partialyl break their previous contract on the condition that the party will assist him with the pursuit of an object he wishes to obtain at a later time.

Jerome Flitwheel

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