Milo Bitterleaf

An oddly good-natured thief and infamous badger-spooner.


Milo Bitterleaf is a cheerful fellow, and loves company. Or anything with ears to listen, as you’d be hard-pressed to get a word in edgewise.

While currently in a cell within Nance’s Watch house, he is best known for breaking into the royal zoo and abusing several of His Majesty’s badgers with a large wooden spoon. It’s unclear whether this was for a dare, some obscure revenge upon the crown, or just for shits and giggles. What is clear is that he was spotted, and after he simply vanished 15 minutes later his name has become somewhat well known in the shadier places.

At the moment he is waiting impatiently for someone to either free him or just hurry up and lob his head off. Though he’s rather annoyed that some two-bit thug from the local guild decided to frame him, it’s almost worse that he’s spent three days without much to eat, less to do, and absolutely nobody to talk to.

Milo Bitterleaf

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