Jaimie Pruitt

A pleasant woman who runs the Lark's Arm Inn in Nance.


Jaimie Pruitt is the owner and operator of th Lark’s Arm, and often the subject of town gossip. She is proud of the Inn, and believes it is because of her perseverence and capability that it is the fine institution it is today.

Of course, most townsfolk would readily tell you that her romance with Marion Trent is more likely the answer. It’s hard to run a nice inn if things keep vanishing and patrons are being robbed. As such, the Lark’s Arm is also known as by far the safest place to spend to night.

Brother Turin also stated that she was employed at Keep Ettier before the attack ten years ago. She doesn’t like to talk about it, and outside Marion is one of the few subjects capable of makng her fall silent.

Jaimie Pruitt

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