Tag: Nance


  • Brother Turin

    His face worn by years and the pain of watching his flock constantly abused, Brother Turin finds hope in bringing hope. He is eager to assist the needy and bring Pelor's light to even the darkest of lives. While he feels Pelor has blessed the crop, it …

  • Jackson Argyl

    An aloof and paranoid figure, Jackson seems to care far more for his own coffers than the safety of the people in town. His watchmen are allowed to act with relative impunity, and most act more like common thugs than public servants.

  • Jaimie Pruitt

    Jaimie Pruitt is the owner and operator of th Lark's Arm, and often the subject of town gossip. She is proud of the Inn, and believes it is because of her perseverence and capability that it is the fine institution it is today. Of course, most …

  • Marion Trent

    Marion is a smooth talker and sharp businessman. He runs the Thieves' Guild and has paved the way to it having almost universal immunity and being a highly lucrative enterprise. He is also the owner of the Four Fingers', which is something between a …