A modest town in Immaskara, Nance has shrunk over the past decade as its more affluent citizens have abandoned it. Leaving vacant homes, shadier characters moved in and once lovely houses are now ramshackled hovels housing dozens of whaifs, pickpockets, thieves, and those unfortunate enough to be unable to afford better.

The most prominent structure in town is the ever enlarging Watch-house. An imposing building 10 years ago, Jackson has turned it into something between a fortress and a mansion. He resides within, and all but the common areas are his private quarters. Unsatisfied, he has commissioned several expansions and the current building is a strange amalgam of distinct elements.

The Lark’s Arm Inn is situated across the street, and is the finest inn remaining in town. Ran by Jaimie Pruitt, it is one of the few places that anyone is completely outside the purview of the Thieves’ Guild. There is some discussion as to whether this is due to its proximity to the Watch-House or if a romance between Marion and Jaimie has made it off limits.

Other places of note include the House of Pelor-Good-Harvest which is the only religious facility in town, the Four Fingers’ inn and gambling house (and a bit of a brothel), and a Market Square occupied on alternate thursdays.


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