Nation of Immaskara

Immaskara is a notable kingdom set near the western edge of the continent. It contains a number of notable cities and the town of Nance.

Government: There is no ‘King’. The last man to bear the term King was King Saalam, a great hero and the initial unifier of Immaskara. His line was short, and out of deference his nephew that claimed rule defered the title.

The ruler and monarch is refered to as the “Archduke”. He lacks a technical Dutchy, and rules all of Immaskara.

The more regional issues are dealt with by the division of Immaskara into 5 Dutchies. These are divided as the Duke sees fit into Baronnies. Each Baronny is responsible for more local and minor administration.

Oddly placed within the strict peerage system are the Marquis. Technically below the Dukes, they are direct agents of the Archduke. The Marquis are the only peers without land apart from their homes (often splendid affairs). They are the arms of the kingdom, and are responsible for security, military matters, and control of potentially dangerous internal affairs. The skills of the Marquis vary widely, from tactical genius to exceptional skill at arms. At any given time there are roughly 12 Marquis, and it is the only peerage which is mobile (individuals of merit can be elevated, and heirs that fail to meet standards may be demoted). Those families which were once Marquess are given the title Margrave. Though technically member of the court, without the support of the crown they quickly become less influential than any Baron. Many of the Margrave families desperately seek ways to regain their former prestige.

Summary of the Peerage system:

  • Archduke
  • Marquis (Direct functionaries of the Archduke, and entertain incredible power)
  • Duke
  • Baron
  • Margrave

The Dutchies

The sourthern-most Dutchy contains the capital of Immaskar, and is led by Duke Terrant Illian from Genoa.

Nation of Immaskara

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